Chocolate Bark

As delicious as our creations are, sometimes we can’t finish them all! Chocolate bark is a sweet way to remix those leftover treats. Crushed cookies, broken macarons, candied flowers – the possibilities of toppings are endless! Celebakes colored melting wafers are perfect for the job – easy to melt for a consistent result every time. A total sensory treat, bark checks off all the boxes by being sweet, salty, crunchy and decadent!

Marshmallow Pops

These marshmallow pops are fluffy, light and the perfect canvas for a sweet marbled coating. Celebakes melting wafers offer a smooth creamy texture for all your treat making needs. They also provide the same consistency every time. Dip your pops in Celebakes colored melting wafers and sprinkle with our shimmering white sugar crystals for the final touches. Our sugar crystals don’t dissolve, which means you won’t lose that sparkle to your pop!

Cozy Fall Cookie Set

Cozy up to cool tones with warm accents using super-saturated Celebakes gel food colors! Allow your icing to develop overnight, and add deep hues like purple, red, and black to mute burgundy gel or to slightly change hues. Eye catching tones are achieved by adding a couple drops of ivory to brighten up deep and vibrant hues. Build that cookie confidence with lots of practice and piping patience, and transform your seasonal cookies by focusing on the details.

Apple Harvest Cookie Set

We picked our Celebakes super red, leaf green and brown gel food coloring to create this a-peel-ing cookie set! A common struggle with nailing details is getting that perfect consistency AND deep color. Here’s our little secret: let your cookie icing colors develop overnight to achieve those rich hues and aim for toothpaste-like consistency to add textured details and dimensions!

The trick to achieving deep darker tones in to mix your cookie icing the day before your decorating session and let your gel food coloring develop overnight. Celebakes gel food colors are perfect for cookie icing: just a few drops are needed to achieve rich tones, so you don’t need to worry about your icing getting too loose!

Caramel Candy Apples

Caramel candy apples are the best of both worlds; a juicy crunch wrapped in am ooey gooey dip. Yum! We mixed things up with these candy apples and coated them in colorful candy melts. A microwave is all you need! Let the kids pick their favorite colors and try their hand at creating dizzying drizzles. Make sure your caramel has stiffened up before dipping into your candy melts; you want to build layers of texture and shiny colors.

Decorate your apples while they’re still wet! You do not want to lose any of those sprinkles. If you notice your candy melt is getting too thick, add some of Celebakes paramount crystals to your dip, and pop it back in the microwave for a few seconds to loosen things up!

Meringue Pops

Meringue pops are really having a moment in the baking world, so why not try them out for yourself! The secret to maintaining a stable consistency in your meringue is to use Celebakes meringue powder; its a perfect egg white substitute. Your meringue will be less prone to changing due to the environment, such as heat and humidity, which means light and crisp meringues. Do not forget the golden rule of prepping for meringues: be sure to wipe all your tools bowl and attachment) with vinegar get rid of any grease grease makes meringue deflate!).

Mini Cakes

If you want to get creative with cakes, no need to go big! Mini cakes are a unique twist to a traditional cake slice and the perfect size to enjoy as a family. Our Celebakes buttercream has a buttery almond flavor that will have everyone at the table asking for a second cake. Beat your buttercream on low speed before filling your piping bag. You can also mix in any of our Celebakes gel colors into our Whimsical White Buttercream and it will still hold its shape. Play around with different tips and techniques, and practice on parchment if you want to try a new piping design! To create abstract nonpareils come in different colors, so you can mix and match for any theme!

Rice Krispies Pops

We elevated the classic rice krispies treat into something that is fun to eat in the sun! Avoid sticky hands by making Rice Krispies pops and dipping them in our colored melting wafers. Since our melting wafers come already colored, you can save time by skipping straight to the fun part… decorating! Just melt your colored wafers in the microwave, give it a stir, and you’re ready to start dipping and drizzling. With so many colors to choose from, you’ll be able to mix different colors to create that perfect shade and customize any celebration!

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

What’s even better than a batch of freshly baked sugar cookies??? Transforming them into sugar cookie SANDWICHES! If you’re short on time or simply can’t be bothered to make your own buttercream, our rich velvety buttercream lends a sweet almond taste and comes in so many gorgeous colors. We love using sprinkles to bring a pop of color as an accent to this color scheme. Mix and match your sprinkle blends with different colors, textures, sizes and shapes! You don’t need much to get everyone ready to celebrate and these treats will bake you proud!

Farmer’s Market Cookie Set

Fresh from the farmer’s market, you can find cookie inspiration anywhere! The best part about outdoor markets are all of the rich and vibrant colors on display. Gorgeous colors make your cookie sets stand out; we use our gel food coloring to achieve these rich and true-to-color designs. The perk of using gel food colors? A little goes a long way! A couple of drops will achieve those tones without loosening up your icing or leaving a funky aftertaste!

Home Sweet Home Cookie Set

Sugar cookies are a perfect way for kids (and yourself!) to unleash some creativity! With some practice and a few pro tips, you’ll be on your way to creating these too-pretty-to-eat masterpieces. Achieve a shiny, smooth base and detailed lines by using different cookie icing consistencies for your designs. Our meringue powder is perfect for the job! Unlike traditional egg whites, meringue powder helps create a stable and sturdy icing that is easy to color and decorate with! Practice makes perfect for piping skills, so why not start now?

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