Meringue Powder
Celebakes® Meringue Powder is great for making your own royal icing, stabilizing buttercream icing or creating fluffy meringue cookies. Meringue powder can also be used as an egg white substitute in a variety of baking and decorating recipes! Premium ingredients, made in the USA. Directions: Royal Icing (dry hard icing): Into ½ cup cold water, beat ¼ cup meringue powder until stiff peaks …
Galaxy Meringue Cookies

Galaxy Meringue Cookies Supplies Needed: 1 Cup Granulated Sugar ½ Cup Boiling Water 1/3 Cup Meringue Powder (Product #76-1501) 1 tsp Flavoring (we used Celebakes Vanilla) (Product #7500-42100) Hand or Stand Mixer Oven Piping Bag (Product #31-78) Round Decorating Tip (Product #32-786) 2 Baking Trays lined with Silicon Mat or Parchment (Product #31-1200) Celebakes Royal […]

Sweet Inspiration

New Year, New Sweets It’s a new year which means a clean slate, annnnnd a whole new year of birthdays and parties and celebrations to figure out. Which can be exciting, and also overwhelming if your schedule is already starting to fill up, but don’t worry! We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you […]

Colorful Leaf Cookies

Colorful Leaf Cookies No-Spread Sugar Cookie Dough Parchment (Product #31-1200) Rolling Pin (Product #43-087PP) Pastry Rulers (Product #43-5302) Oven Baking Trays with Silicone Mat or Parchment (Product #31-1200) Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter (Product #54-95159) Celebakes Royal Icing Mix (Product #7500-77101) Celebakes Mauve Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69520) Celebakes Egg Yellow Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69524) […]