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Rainbow Cake

Supplies Needed:

• 6” Cake Pans (4 of these) (Product #50-6)
• Baking Spray
• CK White Cake Mix (Product #77-502)
• Oven
• Celebakes Neon Pink Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69507)
• Celebakes Neon Green Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69506)
• Celebakes Neon Orange Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69505)
• Celebakes Neon Blue Food Color Gel (Product #7500-69508)
• Cake Board (Product #22-107)
• Celebakes White Buttercream Icing (Product #7500-803)
• Cake Turn Table (Product #35-100)
• Angled Spatula (Product #33-920)
• Scraper (Product #43-040PS)
• Rolling Pin (Product #43-087PP)
• Silicone Mat (Product #43-3699)
• Celebakes White Fondant (7500-77201)
• Circle Cutter (Product #53-14401)
• Water
• Brush (Product #81-602)
• Piping Bag (Product 31-71)
• Large Star Tip– ATECO Set (Product #32-786)
• Pastel Pearls (Product #78-5281)
• Orange Jimmies (Product #78-530O)


1.Following the directions on the back of the CK White Cake Mix, prepare the batter.
Divide the batter into 4 bowls, and color each bowl a different color with the food gels
listed above.

2. Pour each color of batter into their own prepared baking pan. Bake until completely
done– cool completely.

3. Crumb coat the cake on the cake board. Stack the cake layers pink, green, orange then
blue, putting white buttercream in between each layer. To help with this step, use the
cake turntable, an angled spatula, and also a scraper. Put in fridge for an hour to firm

4. Once firm, coat the cake in a thicker layer of icing. Roll out a piece of white fondant on a
silicon mat. Drape the piece over the iced cake and smooth. Use a fondant smoother to
do this, then a paring knife to cut off any excess.

5. Color four balls of fondant the same shade as each layer of cake. Roll out each piece and
cut out approx. 1-inch circles. Attach these circles to the bottom edge of the cake.
Attach the circles using water. Make two rows of the circles going around the cake.

6. Fit a piping bag with a large star tip and fill with white buttercream. Pipe a rope border
around the top edge of the cake. Sprinkle on the pastel pearls and also some orange

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