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8 Color Powder Kit

Celebakes® Powder Food Colors offer more control over your finished product than traditional, liquid coloring. Like liquid coloring, it can be mixed into frosting, icing, dough or cake mix. Unlike liquid coloring, it can be brushed onto fondant, cookies or macaroons or can even been turned into a paint, by adding a couple drops of alcohol or clear flavoring extract. Powder Food Colors are perfect for chocolates, meringues, dry mixes and applications where water is prohibited. Powder Food Color is very potent, so use sparingly.

Set Includes: Brown, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Christmas Red, Leaf Green, Royal Blue & Cherry Pink.

  • Easy to use.
  • Powder based.
Product Specification: 8 Color Powder Kit

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Gourmet Goodies by Delilah
Sanger, CA
"I AM SO EXCITED!! For all you Bakers out there, our first shipment has arrived, with a few more on the way!!"

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